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Minar-e-Pakistan Girl Incident Viral Videos Sparked Outrage Nationwide

Lahore: The Minar-e-Pakistan incident on August 14, where the tiktok girl named Ayesha Akram was assaulted and harassed by mob of 400 men has sparked anger nationwide and outrage on Social Media after the video of her went viral on Internet.

In Minar-e-Pakistan Incident’s videos that are going viral on social media, it can be seen that a mob of hundreds harassing, assaulting a girl, identified as TikToker Ayesha Akram at Greater Iqbal Park, Lahore on Independence Day (14th August 2021).

In videos, it can be seen that crowd is pushing, pulling girl to the extent that they tore her clothes and throwing her in the air.

As per details, the girl went to the Iqbal Park in Lahore with her friends for filming YouTube video.

The videos that went viral on social media have sparked outrage nationwide including social media.

Public figures, including Political and showbiz celebrities on social media express their anger and demand justice for the girl over the incident.

Public also express their anger at the assault and molest of Pakistani TikToker and demanding justice for her.

The police registered case against 400 people allegedly involved in the assaulting girl incident.

Lahore Police is still tracing the hundreds of accused who assaulted and harassed a female TikToker and her companions at the city’s Greater Iqbal Park on Independence Day.

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