trinny woodall instagram video

She regularly shares her styling tips by trying on different outfits on Instagram.

Yet during her most recent video, Trinny Woodall’s followers got more than they bargained for as she accidentally flashed her boobs while live streaming.

The Trinny London founder, 57, seemed to be blissfully unaware of the gaffe, as her bra pinged off while undressing – believing it to have been a near miss.

Trinny was trying on a selection of new clothes for fans when her red check bra became undone while lifting a green dress over her head.

The presenter – who shot to fame hosting What Not To Wear – looked shocked, but asserted that she’d narrowly escaped baring all.

What a great bra, it just came off. I was just about to flash!’ commented the fashion guru.

Trinny then moved out of shot to get dressed again, but uploaded the live stream to her Instagram page without editing out the bare-chested moment.

Her followers were quick to point out the gaffe, with one commenting: ‘EDITING TEAM!!! ACTION STATIONS!! HELP NEEDED IMMEDIATELY on this morning’s post.’

‘You did flash!!!!!!’ wrote another, while someone else added: ‘Eek, you may want to edit the boob flash.’

One fan of the star joked: ‘Wasn’t expecting this video to be R-rated.’ 

‘You need to edit- you just flashed us!’ wrote someone else, while another person enthused: ‘The nips flash made me laugh so much. Trinny, you’re so funny and cool about things. Loved your reaction. So cool. So important to laugh’

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