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Urban Meyer is going to be game planning more than just how to get the Jaguars out of the deep pit of hell they’ve found themselves in through four weeks of the season.

On Saturday night, a video allegedly showing Meyer dancing suggestively with a woman who isn’t his wife went viral. It took exactly the amount of seconds as Meyer has wins as an NFL head coach to set the internet on fire.

The video has since been deleted from the original source, but it’s still out there. As are the memes of everyone having some fun at the expense of Meyer — a person with a track record in life that warrants trolling.

But the jokes are also coming at the expense of someone else. Shelley Meyer posted a response to a photo that allegedly comes from the same night the scandalous video was taken, thus highlighting that the fun everyone is having making jokes about her husband possibly being unfaithful to her have collateral damage.

Shelley Meyer Twitter response to Urban Meyer’s ‘night out’

Shelley has yet to respond to the video itself, but she also doesn’t have to do that publicly.  She did, however, respond to another photo from the now infamous night out which confirmed to the world that the incident is on her radar and that Meyer is likely in her dog house.

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